System One CPAP systems
Ordering information

Devices Part number
US Canada
REMstar Plus with humidifier, SD card, C-Flex DS250HS CA251HS
REMstar Plus with SD card, C-Flex DS250S CA251S
REMstar Pro with humidifier, SD card, C-Flex+ DS450HS CA451HS
REMstar Pro with SD card, C-Flex+ DS450S CA451S
REMstar Auto with humidifier, SD card, A-Flex DS550HS CA551HS
REMstar Auto with SD card, A-Flex DS550S CA551S
Accessoriess Part number
System One performance tube 15 (15mm) 1074400
Device side panel 1063784
Water chamber 1063785
Power supply (US/CAN) 1063786
Carrying case 1063857
Power cord (US/CAN) 1005894
Foam filter kit 1063091
Ultra-fine filter kit 1063096
System One heated humidifier 1056209
Data management accessories Part number
SD card (10 pack) 1063859
SD card mailer (10 pack) 1065146
SD card cover (attached to device) 1063858
SD card reader 1073915
Wired flow modem 100200W
Wired flow modem monthly service 100201W
Wireless flow modem 100200C
Wireless flow modem monthly service 100201C